Who is Cannúa For? Thursday January 17th, 2019

There are two common questions people ask us when we tell them about Cannúa.

The first: What is it?

Our answer: Cannúa is a boutique, upscale retreat with a holistic approach to sustainability.

The second question we most get asked: Who is it for?

The answer to that question is up to you. Because Cannúa is being shaped by its community. Not just the locals who call this mountainous region of Colombia home, but also the growing worldwide tribe of folks who understand and appreciate the importance of sustainable travel, community building, and the potential travel has to be transformative.

And so, from our mountain-side perch overlooking the Valle de San Nicolas, we’re putting the call out across the planet. We’re calling out to you, the worldly explorer and the individual who appreciates travel as more than a simple vacation. We’re inviting you, the person who values the authentic and the genuine. You, the person who doesn’t want to just be shown a destination, you want to dig deep into the real.

We are putting the call out to the folks who know there’s a better way to witness and discover our world. To people, like you, who are more interested in experiencing the underexplored and the underappreciated. For people who want to really and truly understand the place they’re exploring. Individuals of our breed, determined to get away from the crowds and off the beaten path. For those that need a break from the conventional.

To you, the trendsetter, we promise you the inventive and the imaginative.

To you, the romantic, we promise you passion and enchantment.

To you, the trailblazer, we promise you the chance to forge your own way.

To you, the conservationist, we promise you a heartfelt commitment to sustainability.

To you, the curious, we promise you cultivation and education.

To you, the innovator, we promise you transformation.

To you, the escapist, we promise you relaxation and regeneration.

For you, and us, and the like-minded everywhere, we’re inviting you to join us out here among the fincas and the forests of the Central Andes. We’re inviting you to show the world that you know there’s a better way to travel and it’s blooming in magical Colombia.

We’ll see you soon.

– Santiago & Nathan & Brian

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