Meet Cannúa Monday November 26th, 2018

Inspired by the spirit of Colombia’s rejuvenation, we wanted to share the country’s sense of renewal and possibility with people all over the world. Believing in the absolute need for true sustainability in what we were going to create and inspired by permaculture ethics and design principles, we envisioned a holistically sustainable upscale retreat among the fincas of the Andes mountains.

The only problem was that nothing like this had ever been done in Colombia before, certainly not this refined and at this scale, and definitely not with the kind of strict adherence to permaculture regulations and restrictions we insisted on committing to.

Locally, the older generation simply couldn’t understand our vision for a whole new kind of upscale travel experience in Colombia. Outside experts had their doubts about our ability to stay entirely faithful to our sustainability vision. Even the construction teams were dubious.

But we persevered because we believed you want a responsible choice when visiting Colombia, and we believed in the incredible present and future of this magical country. Still, we’ll admit the task was daunting and every step brought with it challenges.

Fortunately, the future of Colombia believed in us as much as we believe in it. Thanks to the invaluable guidance, support, and belief from our incredible team of young and inspiring Colombian designers, engineers, experts, architects, and hospitality staff, we have been able to fully conceive of and execute our Cannúa vision.

And it is only because of our growing community of people who understand and appreciate the importance of sustainable travel, community building, and the potential travel has to be transformative for everyone involved that Cannúa is being fully realized today.

We’re excited to share the complete story of Cannúa with you in this space and in our newsletter in the weeks and months ahead and we look forward to welcoming you to Cannúa in 2019!

See you soon!


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